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18 Best Healthy Fruits for Better Health / Best Healthy Fruits / Power Fruits

Published on 25 Dec 2018 / In Health

Here is the list of best healthy fruits or what could I say best healthiest fruits in the world. These 18 best healthy fruits for better health are showing the Healthiest Fruits from all genres of best fruits to eat daily or would be the healthy fruits for weight loss.

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18 best healthy fruits for better health

Strawberry is a perfect weapon during pregnancy, depression and constipation. It fights against cancer and aging

Peaches are rich in potassium, fluouride, iron and to fight infection.

Cherries - Helps to calm your nervous system, reduce belly fat,
antioxidant protection, cancer-preventive, supports healthy sleep and arthritis pain relief.

Bananas provides calories, treating diarrhea, preserving memory and boosting mood

Grapes – It relaxes your blood vessels, prevent risk of high blood pressure.

Apple helps your body to develop resistance against infections, reduce the risk of stroke, obesity diabetics and bad cholesterol.

Oranges – defends cancer, lowering blood pressure, helps to maintain perfect skin and great vision

Watermelon helps control our heart rate, muscle support and prevents cell damage.

Pineapples help fight arthritis, prevent different types of cancer, increase healing and inflammation, improving fertility in women and lots more.

Blueberries protect and Maintains healthy bones, managing diabetes, improving mental health, digestion and fighting wrinkles.

Kiwis Better Sleep, reduced risk of stroke, prevent muscle mass, reduce the formation of kidney stones and low blood pressure.

Mangoes protect against several kinds of cancer. It clears the skin, improves eye health, promotes healthy sex, fights heat stroke and alkalizes the whole body.

Blackberries help your body’s production of red and white blood cells. It provides digestive, cardiovascular, skeletal benefits and increases cancer-fighting ability.

Cantaloupe It lowers the risk of de-hydration, asthma cure, protect against strokes, skin and hair problem. It also helps protect against strokes

Grapefruits help heal wounds, control blood pressure, Weight loss, prevents strokes and perfect food in de-hydration.

Guavas, it prevents skin damage, controls diabetes, increase eyesight, prevent cancer, treatment scurvy diseases and maintain the brain health.

Lemon, It decreases the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, boosting the immune system, increasing iron absorption and lowering stroke risk.

Raspberries help your body with your metabolism, increases Brainpower, prevent cancer; ensure proper diabetes management, digestion, detox, and disease prevention.

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Please note: This video clip is created as part of an educational assignment on the basis of my knowledge gained from books and internet and should be treated as such. Please do not treat it as a medical advice.

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