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Hanging Out with the Wrong Kids Led to Trouble | Jay Shetty: storybooth Stars

Published on 09 Mar 2019 / In Good News

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Do you all know who Jay Shetty is? If you don't, you should, and if you hadn't, you will, because Jay is good to know about. He's the #1 creator on Facebook right now, a motivational speaker, former monk, and all around inspiration! It's been said that keeping an eye and ear on Jay Shetty can help you live a happier and better life! We agree - he has a huge heart and an old soul and he's come here to make a difference and he's doing it in a big way and we love that!

So, we can all agree that Jay Shetty is a positive force, a doer of good things and a thinker of good thoughts. BUT, that was not always the case. When Jay was a teenager he did a lot of hanging out, just like we all do, but unfortunately, Jay started hanging out with the wrong kids and it led to trouble, real trouble.

It started when he turned fourteen years old, and began trying really, really hard to fit in and be cool. His closest group of friends were the ones he always seemed to get into trouble with, and they were always up to something that could get them into trouble.

In London where Jay was raised, you have to be seventeen to get your driver's license. But Jay and his friends decided they could handle it at their age and hatched a plan to take one of their mom's cars out for a joy ride.

One day all of the parents were going to the same wedding, and the boys were left alone for the day. Jay's friend stealthily swiped his Mom's keys before the adults went out, and after the parents had left the three of them jumped into the car and his friend took the wheel and off they drove.

Jay was in the back seat, totally anxious and nervous and freaking out, but he wanted to seem confident and calm because he wanted to impress his friends. Instead of telling them to stop and pull over and let him out, he let go and went with the adrenaline and excitement that came over them.

They were blasting loud music - Dre featuring Snoop Dogg - rolled the windows down and rocked along to the beat thinking they were such the cool kids and that trouble would never catch up to them.

They sped up, driving faster and faster, the music loud, hanging out like older kids do, nothing wrong with that. Right? They saw a kid on the sidewalk that Jay's friend who was driving always picked on and bullied at school, and Jay's friend stuck his head out the window and starting shouting mean things to him, not watching where he was driving, going too fast, and this led to trouble.

He lost control of the car and they smashed right into another car. It was a miracle, but none of the kids were hurt. But the cars, both of them, were destroyed. A couple of moments later, they saw all their parents coming out of the wedding reception. As bad luck would have it, they crashed the car right in front of the event hall where all of their parents were.

A huge crowd gathered around the two crashed cars. The owner of the other car had come out and was really upset. All of their family members and friends were shaking their heads at them - so disappointed.

Jay felt so incredibly bad, but he learned three super important lessons: 1. Our actions affect other people. 2. We become an average of the five people we spend most time with. 3. The crazy things we do when we're young are rarely the things we look back on later with pride.

Jay believes that we can do so much good in the world when we are young, using our gifts and talents and skills, even our hobbies, to bring more light to the world. Don't waste your potential trying to fit in, be cool, or impress people. Stand out by being your self.

Go check out Jay Shetty's amazing Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/JayShettyIW/

His Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jayshetty/

And his YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channe....l/UCbV60AGIHKz2xIGvb


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