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The True Story of an American WWII Hero - Harry Beeman

Published on 02 Oct 2019 / In Heroes

Featured in the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival 2012, winner of two Crystal Reel Awards 2012, and an International Communicator Award 2013.

Harry Beeman was just 19 when he enlisted in the US Navy. Serving aboard the Destroyer USS Ellet in the Pacific Ocean, Harry was a Gunner's Mate First Class. A true hero, Harry saved many men as a Navy swimmer. When planes were downed in the ocean, Harry would jump from the deck and tow line tied to a life vest out to the fliers. When he was not saving fliers, Harry was manning a gun shooting down the enemy aircraft, including the sucidal Kamakazi pilots. Wounded in battle, Harry kept fighting and saving his fellow servicemen. He even piloted the most dangerous boats in battle, the Higgins Boat landing craft that brought Marines ashore in Iwo Jima.

The footage used in this presentation and still photos are from the United States Federal Archives. Harry tells his story in his own words. Some brief encounters with future Presidents John F. Kennedy and George H.W. Bush are highpoints in Harry's story. You are sure to enjoy Harry's opinion of the famous Japanese Admirals along with his view of the battles and strategy. Harry even shares some emotional moments of the war's end and coming home.

Now at 90 years of age, Harry is still very strong of mind and recalls every event and battle with great detail. This video is a testament to one mans service to our country. He is yet unsung, but deserving of the title "hero" in every sense of the word.

Directed, Edited, Written and Narrated by
Jozef Lenders

Produced by
Connie Barron

Camera & Lighting
Jozef Lenders

Concept by
John Sullivan

Studios Provided by
1Pro Media, Inc.

Motion Pictures & Music by
The United States National Archives

Incidental Music by
Music Bakery
Jack Waldenheimer Music, Inc
Copyright 1990-1997 ASCAP/BMI

Special Thanks to:
Harry Beeman for providing service to the USA in WWII and telling his story

Thanks to:
Jozef Lenders & 1Pro Media, Inc.
for donating the services and facilities to produce this program

City of Cape Coral Mayor John Sullivan for the idea to create this program

The Service Men and Women of the United States of America for their dedication in WWII and everywhere in the world now and in the past

The brave photographers who recorded the battle footage in this program

Connie Barron for her creative input and devotion to this project

Lora Lenders for giving up her husband for many days and hours to allow this project to be made

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